Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Case of the Three Musketeers

One of the more memorable take-aways from my Entrepreneurial Selling course at CBS was "differentiating yourself". Deceptively simple, right? I could not agree more with the idea, not only becasue it resonates with my personal philosophy, but also because the Professor was by far one of the best we have, and I was instantly in love with his teaching style. For our Finals, he gave us a case study to solve. So many individual submissions to grade every semester must be quite a task even if we CBS folks think that each paper we write is second only to the Holy Bible.

So, I decided to 'solve' the case by writing my strategy in the form of a story, where the Professor is one of the three central characters:

1. The Professor as the President and CEO of the company
2. Tomb Raider, the COO
3. Know Nothing, the Head of R&D

I called the paper "the Case of the Three Musketeers" who set out to solve this $100mn problem for the company.

I bet the Professor will never forget me. Ever.

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