Monday, 22 November 2010

The True Pursuit

Few days ago, I read an interesting article in The Hindu about the dichotomy of life. Reproduced below are a couple of summarizing lines:

“The philosophy of daily life is generally governed by action and reaction within the narrow confines of power and pelf. On an average, people are driven to act by the exigencies of material acquisitions and egoistic posturing. Running parallel to earthly considerations is one's quest for spiritual solace and upliftment.”

The thought was very intriguing to me as I tried to mentally divide my actions into material and spiritual ones. But soon I was rationalizing my choices, and realized that my efforts were fruitless at best. The most powerful motivations aren't necessarily materialistic or idealistic - they are a reflection of our own fiber and expectations from self. Perhaps this is what Maslow refers to as "Self actualization" in his hierarchy of needs. The true pursuit then, is not for material acquisitions, egoistic clout, or even spiritual nirvana. The true pursuit is for the Self.