Monday, 20 July 2009

London Snowstorm

A view from my balcony

The day London saw one of the worst snowstorms in 18 years (Feb 2, 2009), I :

- Slipped and landed on my behind as I walked to office in snow
- Left work at 10:00am after further snow warnings by TFL
- Made a steaming Thai lunch for flat-mate and myself (Hail Waitrose!)
- Went out to make a gigantic Snowman first time ever in my life

What a day it was!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

London, My Love

I am leaving London
And my heart is sad
It’s hard to let go
The joys I’ve had
For where else can I read
The London paper
Over an unsuspecting strangers shoulder
In the tube;
Where else can I complain
About the rain
But still love the city all over again
In its entirety
Boots, Topshop, Black cabs
Good bye!
A part of London
I shall take with me
A part of me
In London will be
London, my love
You’ve grown on me
London, my love
I will miss thee!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


A very dear and close friend of mine gave me small farewell advice as I prepare to leave London - always remember your roots and dont loose your prespective no matter what...

These words look deceptively simple, but when I thought about it yesterday night there is much truth in them. It's so easy to loose sight in a maddening rush of things, and so easy to neglect the whats and whys in life when there are seemingly more urgent tasks to attend to.

Thank God for friends! And thank God for holidays set aside to do nothing...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Can still do!

I baked a massive pineapple-vanilla-chocolate layered cake today and was pleasantly surprised to find out that after 4 years, I am still able to bake! Hee hawwww...