Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hot or Not

The washroom sink in my new apartment was kind of overlooked when I moved in. I can’t help but wonder everyday *how* exactly is one supposed to get water at an acceptable temperature? What were they thinking when they did the plumbing? No, I mean, really.

Friday, 13 March 2009

The Women in my Life

Several women in my life have made a significant difference to my grasp of the things happening around me. I wanted to take time and thank all them for making such an enormous positive difference to my life. Had it not been for these women, maybe I would have lacked some perspectives that I now cherish so much.

Rani Teacher:
“Why on Earth have you cut your hair like a donkey just before the extempore competition tomorrow?” Humorously, Rani Teacher always put things - however good or bad they were - into perspective with her point-blank remarks. Even if donkeys are not known to cut their own or anybody’s hair for that matter. I bet we all can recall at least one teacher who made a noteworthy positive impact lasting throughout our lives. Rani Teacher was my favorite tutor by far during my high school days not just because she taught English and Theater, but also because, as students, we felt she understood us.

Anne was my manager at Lehman for two years before the firm went bust. Anne was not only a great strategist, but also an excellent role-model. She was the senior-most and only woman in quant FX strategy (I was the other one, but then I was one of the most junior people in the team, and I can hardly call myself a quant). She is now a senior partner at a Hedge Fund which manages over a 100mn dollars. Now that is some serious food for inspiration!

Ms. Miller:
Meeting Ellen was a “Devil wears Prada” moment for me. Even if now it feels childish to boast about my humble achievements to the head of Lehman’s recruitment team for entire Europe, back then when I was fresh out of my grad school, it seemed like a really cool idea. Well, Ellen seemed to disagree and for a moment I had almost shot myself in the foot. It’s surprising how much effect even a 15 minute meeting can have on your life. It could well make you realize that there is still so much left to be done.

My undergrad friend Nidhi, my sister Shilpa, Tulay - my friend from grad school and Ylva, my colleague at Lehman:
Each one of these extremely smart, caring and uber cool women personify a complete woman. I am so lucky to have you all as my friends. Thank you babes!

Suchitra and Madhuri:
What do best friends at high school do? They help you hide your love letters from being found at home and keep you updated with your latest well-wishers and not-so-well-wishers in school. Sometimes, when there is nothing else to do, they also help with boring tasks such as homework and stuff. Back in school, people would kill for such friends.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

My first post and cats

When I thought what my first blog should be about, I couldn't think of a better topic than my little Toff. First, because I love Toff in spite of his habit of ignoring his scratch-post and going for the sofa instead. I am such a cat person - I've had cats ever since I was a little child. My brother once noted that I was so obsessed with cats that someday I might end up giving birth to a cat instead of a baby. While science has yet to advance to that level of sophistication, my brother’s statement does capture my sentiments for cats. I love cats.

Second, because Toff is a naughty little kitten with legendary whims. Recently he has taken a liking to arguing with me. While it is rare that he mews continuously, sometimes he actually expects me to reply, and when I do, he mews back rebuking me for my obvious lack of communication skills and failure to meet his standards. Ha!

We also had a dog once when I was 14 or so, and I couldn’t help but scrutinize how silly dogs could get. Our Tommy was Pomeranian, and lived upto his clan’s reputation of barking at every moving thing- big or small. Unlike Toff, Tommy’s naughtiness either made him look silly or got him into trouble. Like the day he when playfully tugged at our new maid’s saree and decided not to let go. The poor unsuspecting woman had no idea of his intentions and screamed, makingTommy look like such a bad boy. Saree, a common dress worn by Indian women, has a long “scarf” which hangs over the shoulders. If you happen to observe Indian family life, you’d see little children tugging at their mom’s saree (if they are tall enough, of course) and following her around the house

Having observed cats and dogs so closely for years, I have a slightly biased view in favor of cats. I think cats have a greater likelihood of survival, and in the corporate ladder, they would probably climb higher.